• What Does an Elementary School Counselor Do?

    • We provide classroom  lessons that focus on the academic, career, and social/emotional development of students
    • We provide short-term individual counseling (short-term) 
    • We facilitate group counseling on various topics with parental permission
    • We respond to student needs in crisis situations
    • We support parents through consultation and referrals to community providers
    • We work closely with teachers to support the educational environment
    • We help to foster a safe and positive school climate


    Why Do Parents Contact the School Counselor?

    • Special needs of their child
    • Student crisis situations
    • Academic achievement
    • New school transition
    • Family transitions
    • Issues related to bullying


    How is a Student Referred to the School Counselor?

    • Self-referral
    • Teacher, administrator or staff referral
    • Parent referral
    • Counselor observation
Last Modified on June 30, 2022