Course Change Request Process

  • The course change request window for the 2024-2025 school year has now closed (as of April 4th, 2024) and course change requests are no longer being accepted. If you have any questions/concerns regarding your/your student's schedule, please reach out to your/your student's school counselor. 

  • The course change request window has closed as of THURSDAY, APRIL 4th, 2024. 

    If you wish to change a course, please complete the course change request form AFTER you have completed your course scheduling meeting with your school counselor. Students must use their LCPS account to complete the form. 

    To review your current course requests, please log in to StudentVUE (you must use the website - the app does not work for this feature).  You need to have the equivalent of 7 course credits (please account for semester electives - they are .5 credit hours) plus a CORE (listed as Study Hall S1 & S2).

    To request any changes to your course request as listed in StudentVUE, you will need to fill out the Course Change Request Form found below. Students, parents/guardians, teacher(s) and school counselor will receive an emailed copy of the selection summary for review. 

    Parents/Guardians will receive an email upon a completed course change request with the link to Permission Click to acknowledge their student's course change request. The Permission Click form must be completed in order for the course change request to be considered complete and any course changes to occur. 

    Please use the form(s) below to request any & all changes. Students must use their LCPS account to complete the form.

    *Please keep in mind, some courses may be full and your request may not be granted.  Your school counselor will reach out if there are any issues.*

Last Modified on April 5, 2024