• Daily Substitutes: Substitute assignments that do not exceed ten consecutive days in length. Substitutes assume the responsibility for all aspects of the classroom, including implementing teacher-created lesson plans, and aim to provide continuity for learning in the classroom. Positions eligible for daily substitutes include licensed teachers, itinerant teachers, reading specialists, media specialists, teacher assistants, health clinic specialists, administrative assistants, other assistant roles and nurses. Daily substitutes are responsible for implementing employee-directed instructions such as teacher-created lesson plans.  

    • Long-term Substitute Vacancies: Substitute assignments that exceed 10 consecutive days in length. The duties of the long-term substitute may include the planning, assessment, instruction, communication, and safety and management of the classroom or instructional setting. Positions that qualify for long-term assignments include administrators, counselors, and full-time licensed teachers. The building administrator determines the extend of participation and need. 

    • Multiple Day Assignments: Substitute assignments that exceed 10 consecutive working days for an employee whose position does not qualify for a long-term assignment. Positions that qualify for multi-day assignments include teacher assistants, behavior assistants, administrative assistants, other assistant roles, library assistants, and health clinic specialists.  

    • Site-Based Substitutes: Substitutes that are utilized by school staff to serve in licensed and non-licensed positions to fill open short-term substitute positions. Site-based substitutes are responsible for implementing teacher-created lessons and instructing students in special education, ELL, core academic, and elective classrooms. Site-based substitutes are assigned to a single school location and are expected to report daily. 

Last Modified on June 3, 2024