• Intervention Team


          The Intervention Team was set up at Emerick Elementary as a pre-cursor to the referral review process. It is used as a way to meet with individuals who are in direct contact and care of your child to address any concerns that you might have. Often, this team will include your child's classroom teacher, the school counselor, a resource teacher, and possibly the reading specialist or occupational therapist (on an as-needed basis). This process is an effective way to formulate action plans and discuss student strategy without parents, guardians, and students getting overwhelmed.

          Often, formulating a plan with the teacher or the Intervention Team will alleviate issues that arise. This is not always the case. If your concerns were not resolved from the strategies put into place or your student continues to struggle, the team will recommend that the Referral Review Team get together to further look into your behavioral or academic concerns.

    Please click on the link to the forms below and/or contact Mrs. Amy Nole, the school counselor.


    Amy Nole, School Counselor

    School Counseling office: (540) 751-2442       

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    Teacher and Parent Referral Form

Last Modified on June 16, 2022