Residential Development         

    This page, with associated interactive maps, has been prepared to provide information and visual analytics about residential development applications reviewed by Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).  LCPS Planning & GIS staff tracks residential development applications and building permit activity for Loudoun County and its incorporated towns.  Rezoned and by-right developments are monitored, along with project and construction status (i.e., proposed, approved, inactive).  Tracking the approved future development is an integral component in forecasting student growth.

    The interactive maps include a 'Read Me' tab that describes the functionality and available information.  The maps are updated daily; school attendance zones and student enrollment data are updated each fall, as applicable.


    LCPS Residential Development Map

    LCPS Pending Residential Development Dashboard

    Development detail is provided for both pending and recently approved residential applications, by LCPS geographic planning district.  Build-out and completed developments are excluded. 

    There are six LCPS-defined geographic planning districts established to guide and address school facility needs, including the placement of new facilities. LCPS planning districts provide a consistent and reliable framework for demographic and capital facility analysis at a sub-district level. LCPS referral comments include information on the proposed housing units, schools serving the applicant's property, and the anticipated students from the proposed housing units.

    To project future students from new housing, LCPS student generation factors (SGF) are computed by housing type (i.e., single family detached, single family attached, multifamily), school level (i.e., elementary, middle, high), and LCPS Geographic Planning District.  SGF are a mathematical representation of the relationship between the number of existing housing units in Loudoun County and the number of students enrolled in LCPS in a given school year.  2023 LCPS Student Generation Factors

    Additional information on projects within the county can be obtained utilizing Loudoun's land application webpage and tool. Further detail on projects within Loudoun's incorporated towns is available on the specific town's website:

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