Promethean Activboards

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    Classrooms in Loudoun Valley are now equiped with Activboards - an interactive whiteboard that is manufactured by Promethean. Activboards are connected to the computers in the classroom, and allow presentations and lessons to be created by students and teachers to be used in the classroom setting.
    Students have access to the software at school to create these presentation. In addition the company website also allows students to download the software at home. Students can access the software at this link:
    Please note that installation and use of the software is the responsibility of the user. Any issues that result from the installation, use or misuse of this software should be brought to the attention of Promethean.
    The Promethean Planet is an interactive, content-rich website with participants from all over the world.  Teachers will find a multitude of resources and pre-made flipcharts, as well as a forum of other ActivUsers. 
Last Modified on December 11, 2014