Small Group Counseling

  • Small groups, for a variety of personal/social and academic concerns, will be held during the fall, winter, and spring of the school year. Each group will meet for approximately 6-8 weeks depending upon the needs of the students and the school calendar (snow days, holidays, etc.). Some groups are co-led by the social worker who is assigned to our school. In most cases, groups will be held during lunchtime to assure academic coursework will not be missed. Teachers will be contacted to provide names of students they feel may benefit from participation in a small group. Parents are also welcome to contact Ms. Williams or Ms. Blair at any time if they feel their child would benefit from group work. Group participation is optional and parent permission is required for all students. Please check our newsletter for more information about small groups being offered this school year. 

    Depending upon the needs of our students' small group, topics may include:

    • Changing Families
    • Social Skills
    • Friendship
    • Anger Management
    • Study Skills and Organization
    • Grief