• Short Stories & Chapters

  • Dannace

    By The GASP


    Have you ever heard someone saying, “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” Everyone believes it was someone else. Your mom didn’t do it, and it wasn’t your brother. Your dad denies it too. So who ate it? The truth is that the last cookie was stolen by a very careless dannace. Dannace are like your average human, except they are nocturnal. They sleep alone, in small spaces such as vents, empty desk cabinets, and even in small closets. When the night falls, they come out. They look just like normal humans, with the exception of their eyes. Their eyes are shaped like moons and are very good for seeing in the night, much better than the vision of an owl at night. Dannace originated from Ireland. They live a life quite alike to that of a human. They wake up at around 11:00 pm, as most humans are asleep by then. Dannace are some of the smartest animals in existence. Dannace, like humans, go to grade school. However, they go through only ten years of grade school. The first two grades that humans take are considered a waste, because most dannace instinctively understand simple math and spelling after birth. Although very smart, Dannace are very unhygienic; they commonly only brush once a day, after lunch, and they only shower once a week. Dannace’ scientific name is Daonna Sapiens. Dannace use a human's house like normal. Most dannace have the same interests as the humans in their house. If you were to watch a certain TV show, a dannace in your house would most likely also watch it. If you play a sport, the dannace in your house also plays that same sport. It should also be noted that if there were three people in a house, then there are three dannace living in the same house. One thing dannace don’t do is travel. Dannace don’t come with you on travels. If you went to a different country, the dannace in your house would stay home. Another difference between dannace and humans is the fact that dannace ONLY eat cold food. No matter what food it is, a dannace will eat it cold. They do this because hot food easily burns their tongues. Also, dannace have an odd love for karaoke, brussel sprouts, and pop tarts, no matter which house they live in. Scientists who have heard of dannace are unsure if dannace know about humans. They never seem to notice things like children sleeping in bed, or new food in the fridge. Some assume they just haven’t noticed it, while others assume they simply don’t care. There are, however, a few well known dannace in the world, who most definitely know about humans. The first one is the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy comes to our houses at night and replaces our lost teeth with gifts. Although there are no stories about a place where the tooth fairy lives, it is believed that there are multiple tooth fairies. One for each country in the world. The tooth fairy is said to live in the home of the ruler of each country. The tooth fairy of the United States is said to live in the White House. The tooth fairy of England lives in Buckingham Palace. The second dannace that most of the world knows is Nick Claus, more popularly known as Santa. Santa does in fact exist, and he is the most famous dannace in the whole world. He does, in fact, do more than making and delivering gifts. In fact, Santa is the ruler of all dannace in the world. He does live in the North Pole. However, although he does have a workshop, he lives in a huge ice castle. Santa has to manage all the complaints of the world of Dannace, as well as deliver gifts to children. Santa also has elves working in his cabinet. He has elves who manage a naughty and nice list, elves who collect wish lists, elves who help him manage all the other dannace. Santa is often up in the afternoon working, so it is a good thing he lives in such an uninhabited area. That is all scientists have learned about dannace so far, and they hope to learn more soon. Scientists believe humans may be able to gain a lot from dannace, and perhaps live in harmony with them.

Last Modified on May 29, 2024