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  • Dark Angel

    by Rachael Mann

    Shadow, Mira, and Sasuke find themselves trapped in a kidnapper's lab. Will they make it out, or will they be trapped forever? Click to read the story.

    Dark Angel Chapters 1-3

    Dark Angel Chapters 4-6



    by Naseeha Chowdhury

    As soon as I exited the bus, rain began drizzling over me. My clothes slowly began to feel wet. I didn’t want to move. The starry night skies mocked me. It poured and poured but I had nowhere to go.

    Lost Chapter



    by Anonymous

    I started posting consistently after I went viral. Videos about makeup, clothes, basically everything my viewers were interested in.

    Affected Chapter

  • Seen

    by Phoebe Schauder

    "I couldn’t bide my time anymore. I needed to get out of there. Now."

    Follow Gwen through a series of shocking escapes, unbelievable incidents and scary scrapes.

    Seen Chapter


    Shadows of the Night

    by Ashley Morriss

    Shadows of the Night Chapters

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