• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How do I submit my work for publication?

    A. To submit your work for publication, make sure you have your work saved as a file in your Google Drive (file type can vary from Google Doc, uploaded PDF, JPEG etc.) Go to our submission page to review the guidelines and fill out a submission form. Using the form, you can submit your work for digital publication on this website as well as for Seneca's yearbook. Not all work submitted will be published, and we will do our best to inform author/artist if their work has been accepted or rejected.


    Q. What kinds of work do you take for submissions?

    A. You can submit artwork, poems, short stories, or chapters/excerpts from longer stories. Graphic novel type short stories are also accepted, as well as original comic strips. Artwork can range from photographs, paintings, sketches, and drawings.


    Q. Who can submit their work?

    A. Any currently enrolled Seneca Ridge student may submit their work for publication during the 2023-2024 school year.


    Q. Do you accept co-authored and collaborative work?

    A. Yes, but both authors or artists must be Seneca Ridge students.

    Q. Can I make multiple submissions?

    A. Yes, but each submission needs a separate entry using our submission form.


    Q. Can I submit work I did for my English or Art classes?

    A. Yes, any work that you have done for a class can be published

    Q. Is there a deadline for submissions?

    A. We will be taking submissions from February 1st to April 4th 2024


    Q. When and how will I know that my work has been published on Seneca's Tempest?

    A. Students will be emailed once their submission has been posted. Once submitted, the creative writing club will take about 2 weeks to review your submission and add it to Seneca's Tempest.

    Q. Do you accept anonymous submissions?

    A. Students can be published anonymously. We still ask for your name on the form in case there is an issue with your submission (file error/link error) that the faculty sponsor can reach out to you to fix. Only faculty sponsors will have that information on authorship if your request to remain anonymous.

Last Modified on January 29, 2024