• Executive Summary

    The intent of this report is to highlight, specifically from an energy standing, LCPS’s greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts through 2020. This report illustrates how efficiency strategies and operational decisions have shaped the path to efficient use of the natural resources entrusted to us. As such, the report highlights the historic and current energy and environmental impact of the facilities and their operations. LCPS’ commitment to the future has a strong focus on reducing our carbon emissions through decisions regarding capital improvements, energy use, transportation and other polices within the School Board’s control. One goal in producing this report is to serve as an initial step focusing a sustainability lens on the work LCPS has completed to date, as well as to prepare for the development of an effective overall sustainability master plan.

    In LCPS, commitment to the safety, well being and education of all children in the Loudoun County community will continue to further future energy conservation and efficiency endeavors.



Last Modified on May 13, 2022