Pinebrook Elementary School Counseling Department

  • Counseling Mission

    The school counselors at Pinebrook Elementary School deliver a comprehensive, intentional, and developmentally appropriate curriculum to all students, focusing on their academic, career, and social/emotional needs. School counselors serve as student advocates, provide services and resources, foster nurturing relationships and strive to remove and reduce barriers to student success. The collaborative relationships between school counselors and fellow educators, family members, and community stakeholders are vital to positive outcomes for our students.

    School counselors support all students in the development and achievement of current and future goals through classroom lessons, small groups and individual supports. The school counseling program is data-driven in order to equitably respond the unique needs of our students and diverse school community. School counselors empower students to uphold Pinebrook’s 3 character traits, the “3R’s”, charging them to be “Ready, Responsible and Respectful” within and outside of our school community.

    Pinebrook’s school counselors strive to provide effective leadership by fostering the development of foundational skills and inspiring students to become positive, productive, and meaningful contributors to society beyond their Pinebrook education.

    Counseling Vision

    Students at Pinebrook Elementary School live in an immensely engaged community, where they are empowered to become life-long, high-achieving learners.

    The Pinebrook School Counseling program envisions a future where students draw on their foundational skills in order to achieve resilience in the face of hardships.

    Students will advance beyond Pinebrook as meaningful contributors, confidently fulfilling their unique passions to better the world.

Last Modified on May 12, 2022