• Round Hill Unified Mental Health Team

  • Round Hill Elementary School’s Unified Mental Health Team (UMHT) – comprised of school counselors, psychologist, and social worker – offers mental health services and supports to enhance student social, emotional, and behavioral growth. This team of school-based mental health professionals works with students, families, school staff, and outside providers to promote a positive school environment that supports student success and ability to cope with challenges through direct (e.g., classroom curriculum, group counseling and individual counseling) and indirect (e.g., collaborating or consulting with staff, families or communities) methods.

    Please note, that the School Counselor Is the First Point of Contact for Initial Student Concerns. The School Counselor will collaborate and plan for supports with other school-based mental health team members (I.e., School Psychologist, and School Social Worker), as appropriate.

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Members of the Unified Mental Health Team of Round Hill

LCPS District Resources

Crisis Mental Health Resources