HRZ EOY Technology Information 2023


    1st-11th Graders: All students with an assigned computer planning to return to LCPS next year will maintain possession of their assigned computer over the summer break.  These computers may be used for summer learning programs or securely stored in preparation for the next school year. Our team created this handout to answer questions about how to care for your computer over the summer.


    Kindergarten - We are collecting all Chromebooks and Chargers. Please remove any personal stickers if they are on the device.  If withdrawing, follow those directions.


    ECSE/PreK - These devices were taken home and can stay there over summer.  Please follow any directions at the beginning of the next SY.  If withdrawing, follow those directions.

    Students withdrawing from LCPS: Students leaving LCPS need to return their Chromebook and charger to Ms. Brechbill no later than Tuesday, June 6th. Chargers MUST be the original Lenovo 45-watt charger model and NOT a 3rd party brand. We do NOT accept any other charger model. All personal stickers must be removed from their device (careful not to remove any LCPS stickers).  Stickers on a purchased hard protective case cover can stay on the case, please take the case off the Chromebook and keep it.  You will receive a receipt to keep for your records.  LCPS does not keep copies of receipts.  Ms. Brechbill will come around to the rooms to collect the Chromebooks and Chargers and give loaners to use each day only for students leaving LCPS. These loaners will be dropped off in the morning to students in their classrooms, and picked up around 2:00 end of day, June 6, 7, and 1:00 on June 8.  Students NOT withdrawing from LCPS are expected to bring their own Chromebooks to school as usual.  If your child is changing schools within LCPS, they will take their Chromebooks with them to the next LCPS school.  Please let your child’s teacher know if they will be leaving LCPS so they can let Ms. Brechbill know.

    Additional Technology Information: 

    • In preparation of new devices, all rising 3rd and 6th grade students will need to remove all personal stickers from their device prior to the beginning of the school year (careful not to remove any LCPS stickers). Stickers on a purchased hard protective case cover can stay. New chargers will get switched out with the current charger that MUST be the original Lenovo 45-watt charger model. We do NOT accept any other charger.  Teachers could encourage students to have a personal sticker removal time for current 2nd and 5th graders so it is taken care of prior to getting new Chromebooks next school year.

    • Students that have lost their charger can purchase a replacement charger by visiting: https://bit.ly/MySchoolBucks 

    Here are the Instructions:  LCPS Tech Purchase Instructions.   

    community tech purchase flyer

Last Modified on June 1, 2023