College Application Process Overview

  • Note that the items below are not necessarily listed in the order that you must complete them. Many will be completed concurrently. Most items that involve your School Counselor should be completed after school starts in your senior year. Your School Counselor will have additional information about the best way to complete the process.

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College Application To Do List for Rising and Current Seniors

  • Complete Standardized Testing

  • Choose Where to Apply

  • Determine How to Apply at Each College

  • Start Application Essays Early

  • Choose Admissions Type for Each College Application

  • Monitor and Meet Application Deadlines

  • At Least 15 Days Prior to Application Deadlines Submit Transcript Release

  • Meet with Your School Counselor

  • Complete School Forms

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Apply for Financial Aid

  • Consider the Academic Common Market

Last Modified on May 9, 2024