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    Higher Education should be a dream achievable for everyone who wants it. There's a college for every type of student - Arts, Music, Performing Arts, STEM, and students with learning disabilities.

    Local Fairfax, Virginia university, George Mason University, has the notable LIFE program. The Mason LIFE Program is an innovative post-secondary program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who desire a university experience in a supportive academic environment. The mission of the Mason LIFE Program is dual purpose. The first is to provide a supportive academic environment for our students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The second is to supply an apprenticeship for George Mason University students. The Mason LIFE Program presents our George Mason students with opportunities such as: instructor, resident advisor, internship, practicum, licensure, independent study, field work, mentor, Best Buddy, and volunteer to gain important experiences and knowledge to work successfully with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    Check out the list of colleges that have special programs for students with learning and intellectual disabilities by downloading the file below! Services range from study buddies, ambassadors, note-takers, extended testing times, extended quarters and semesters, to specialized Autism and Down Syndrome programs. Please reach out to the individual colleges to find out exact assistance they can provide. Additionally, download the list of scholarships available to individuals with Autism.

    There are other options besides the traditional college route. Please contact Ms. Jasmine Yeh in the Career Center to find out more about post-high school options - LCPS programs, residential training centers, trade/vocational schools, special federal programs for individuals with Autism, etc.

    Please use the below links to learn more about college and higher-learning opportunities:

Colleges with Programs for Special Needs Students

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Scholarships for Students with Autism

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