• Financial Aid

  • When should I apply for financial aid?
    Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after it becomes available, which is always October 1st. Check with colleges for any priority application deadlines or separate scholarship applications, as some are due EARLY (Oct, Nov, Dec). With respect to a specific college, that school's admissions office is your most reliable source of information.

    Where does financial aid come from?

    1. Federal Government (grants, loans, military, specialty education programs)
    2. State Government (grants, loans, National Guard)
    3. Colleges/Universities (merit- and need-based grants and scholarships)
    4. Private Sources

    What are the types of financial aid?

    1. Work Study – students work on/off campus to earn money to help pay for college
    2. Grants – based on individual financial needs and do not have to be paid back
    3. Loans – borrowed money that has to be paid back with interest
    4. Scholarships – a form of gift aid that does not have to be paid back
    5. Employee Tuition Reimbursement - a form of employee benefit for working at a company.  
    6. Reserved Officer Training Corp. (ROTC) - military-linked scholarships for students who are interested in commissioning as an officer into the military after graduation

    How can I learn about the financial aid process?
    Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC or NOVA) is currently presenting financial aid information over the course of several weeks to help families navigate the process. These sessions are useful regardless of where the student may attend college. Each session focuses on different aspects of financial aid to help clarify things that many families new to the process find confusing. Upcoming sessions and their registration links are detailed in the documents below.

    If you are unable to attend one of the sessions in which you were interested, note that we will post links to recordings of them on this page as they become available.

Last Modified on October 4, 2023