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Employment Certificates

  • The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (VDLI) is responsible for issuing employment certificates (a.k.a. "work permits") for youth under the age of 16. The VDLI issues employment certificates via an online Virginia Electronic Employment Certificate System (VAeECS). The process requires online actions by the youth, employer, and parent/guardian or custodian in that order. Please note the requirements listed below:

    • Youth MUST BE age 14 or age 15 to apply for an employment certificate.

    • Youth DO NOT begin the registration process for an employment certificate until you have a firm offer of employment.

    • You WILL NOT be issued an employment certificate until you have an employer.

    • You MUST NOT begin to work until you have been issued an employment certificate by the Department of Labor and Industry.

    More details about the program are available at this link: https://vaeecs.doli.virginia.gov/vaeecs/

Last Modified on April 17, 2024