Loudoun County School Board Statement Regarding Elections

  • The Loudoun County School Board opposes Governor Youngkin’s amendment  to change the date of the elections for the entire Loudoun County School Board to November 8, 2022.  Governor Youngkin’s proposed amendment seeks to undo a fair and free election in which members of the Loudoun County School Board were chosen by the people of Loudoun County to represent them on the School Board for four years. The proposed Governor’s amendment sets a precedent through which any Governor, with the approval of the General Assembly, could shorten the legally defined terms of any elected local public body chosen by its citizens with whom they disagreed or simply disliked. Such amendments would negate the wishes of the people who elected their local representatives and force the people of Loudoun County to hold an unnecessary election on short notice, and would ultimately hinder the operations of the School Board and school division in effectively serving its students.

Last Modified on April 20, 2022