3 R's Upstander Power Be Kind

    Who to contact regarding a bullying concern:

    If a bullying incident has occurred or you have witnessed a happening at our school, please make contact by emailing or calling an Administrator and/or school Counselor. Upon receipt, an Administrator or School Counselor will respond within 24 hours from receipe.

    Bullying Prevention Coordinator:
    Mrs. Janet Davidson
    Assistant Principal

    Kindergarten and 3rd Grade 

    1st and 4nd Grade

    2nd and 5th Grade 

    Beth Helman

    School Counselor 


    Amy Starr 

    School Counselor 


    Sonja Ulvedal

    School Counselor 


    Please click here for the LCPS Bullying Prevention and Education Policy 

    Loudoun County Public Schools has implemented a county-wide bullying prevention unit incorporating The Second Step Bullying Prevention Program curriculum. During the months of October - December, 5 classroom lessons will be taught by school counselors on bullying prevention to all Grades K-5 students.

    1. What is Bullying?

     Bullying is any act of aggression in the form of:

    • Hitting or punching (physical bullying) 
    • Teasing or name calling (verbal bullying)
    • Intimidation using gestures or social exclusion (emotional bullying)
    • Sending insulting messages by phone or computer (cyberbullying)

    Bullying is behavior that:

    • Is Repeated
    • Is Intentional
    • Has an imbalance of power

    2. Report Bullying

    Report any bullying incidents to a trusted adult at Creighton’s Corner as soon as possible. If the bullying continues, please let ANOTHER trusted adult at Creighton’s Corner know. 

    PARENTS: If you feel your child has experienced bullying, please contact Mrs. Davidson, bullying prevention coordinator, at Creighton’s Corner at 703.957.4480. Please also encourage your child to report the bullying incident to a trusted adult at Creighton’s Corner, as well.

    3. Refuse Bullying

    If a bullying incident occurs, refuse bullying by saying “Stop! That’s Bullying!”  Remember to also report the bullying incident to a staff member right away! 

    4. Reporting Bullying

    Students should report any bullying incidents to a trusted adult (teacher, school counselor, administrator) immediately.

    Bullying Prevention Resources:


    Parents/Guardians: Please create a Family Account at Second Step  for additional resources. Families can create 1 account and use the access codes below for all of their children's grade-level information.  You can find the SEL Bullying Prevention & Education Scope and Sequence link here.SEL BPU Family Acess Codes



Last Modified on October 9, 2023