• Logging into Schoology


    • Log into ParentVUE and scroll down to the Schoology option at the bottom of the menu bar. It will auto-log you in.


    Schoology Navigation


    • The banner that you see across the top of the screen is your main navigation bar, and is accessible at all times in Schoology.
    • A parent account in Schoology includes access to your own Schoology account, as well as access to your student’s account(s).
    • You will be able to toggle to your child(ren)'s account to see their courses and information. You can see which account you are currently viewing by looking at the name displayed in the top right of your screen.

    Schoology Banner Image

    1. Click the LCPS logo to go to the Home screen
    2. View courses in which you or your student(s) are enrolled
    3. View groups of which you or your student(s) are a member
    4. View your Resources (Resources are files or items stored for your own use or accessible through your groups or schools)
    5. View Grades or a Grade Report for your student(s)
    6. Search for users or groups
    7. View a calendar of upcoming events or assignments
    8. Send or view messages
    9. View notifications
    10. Toggle between your account or your student(s)' account.

    Accessing Your Student's Courses


    Method #1: 

    • Click on your name in the top right hand corner
    • Choose your student
    • Click on a course to navigate to its main page.

    Schoology Courses Navigation Image

    Method #2:

    • Click on your name in the top right hand corner
    • Choose your student
    • Click on Courses in the top banner
    • Choose a course to navigate to its main page

    You can easily navigate between courses using this method.

    Phoenix(ParentVue) and Schoology

    • It's important to remember that Phoenix(ParentVue) is the offical grade book of record for Loudoun County Public Schools.
    • Assignments completed in Schoology may or may not be included in Phoenix(ParentVue) and be used to determine a student's grade in a course. 
    • You can view your child's official progress throughout each quarter in the Grade Book through your ParentVue account. 

    Assignments in Schoology

    • Assignments can be viewed in the Upcoming panel on the right sidebar of the Schoology course.
    • Parents can view status, scores (when applicable), or comments left by the student and teacyher on assignments, updates, or discussion prompts. 
    • Parents can also see the work that has been submitted by their student. 

    Scores in Schoology

    Parents can also view completion status, scores (when applicable), and or comments left by the teacher on assignments, updates, or discussion prompts from the Grades section of Schoology (accessed from the left-hand menu in a course).


    • Parents have a personal Schoology calendar and access to view their student's caldendars. This can be accessed by clicking on the Calendar icon on the banner. 

    Notifications - Personal

    • Found in Settings (in the drop down under your name), you can customize your personal notification settings. 
    • Notifications are sent to the email addres affiliated with your ParentVue account. 
    • You can also activate notifications via text message from this page. 

    Notifications - Student 

    • You are able to opt into receive notifications for each student associated with your account.
    • You can elect to receive a daily or weekly email digest, and you can elect to receive notifications if an item is overdue on your student's account.

    Communication with Teachers


    From the Message Center:

    • You can communicate directly from the message center if you know the name of the person you would like to contact. Just select the Message icon and enter who you would like to message, a subject line, and the message. To finish, hit send. 

    From Your Student's Course: 

    • You send a message to the Admin(s) of your student’s course by clicking into their course.
    • The name of the Admin(s) is/are on the right hand panel of the course.