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Table Exhibit Title Exhibit Description School or Organization Name
01A Exoskeleton for Load Bearing in the Knee after Total Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR) A partial exoskeleton to reduce the force exerted on the knee by utilizing neodymium magnets as a force reduction actuator in the form of a spring. The repulsion forces of the magnets are used to create a spring mechanism, reducing force exerted on the knee. Academies of Loudoun
01B A Hands-free Human Computer Interface (HCI) based on sensing tooth and jaw movements with headphones We are utilizing an amplifier and headphones to sense tooth, jaw, and other facial movements in order to create a hands-free Human-Computer Interface that allows patients with motor disabilities to have access to computers. Academies of Loudoun
02 Loudoun County Public Library Makerspaces Check out the resources at your public library makerspaces. We have 3D printing, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, sewing machines, coding and more! Loudoun County Public Library
03 Applying a Reinforcement Learning Model to a Fighting Game Environment The project revolves around the use of a reinforcement learning model built to learn how to play a video game. The reinforcement learning model is built to learn the game intuitively and mimic real player behavior. Academies of Loudoun
04 Thermoelectric Generator The purpose of our exhibit is to compare the elements of a solar powered system and the Peltier effect system. This is to showcase the major differences in energy output between the two systems and provide an intriguing display. We are finding a more affordable way to gain energy output using peltier tiles. The exhibit will contain a display of energy values from the two different systems and compare with weather stations and give an analysis of the weather patterns. Our exhibit contains a porta Academies of Loudoun
05 Art as Depicted in the Third Reich Students from French and German classes designed and created their own exhibition with examples of original artwork representing the characteristics of the 9 artistic movements highlighting the connection to degenerate art. "Art as Depicted in the Third Reich" is a digital art exhibit that focuses on 8 main "degenerate" art movements. Degenerate art is a term used by the Nazi Party in Germany to describe art that did not promote Nazi ideals. We will have displays of acceptable classical art an Dominion High School
06 FRC Team 5338, RoboLoCo RoboLoCo is a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team at the Academies of Loudoun. Visit our exhibit to learn more about our robot, our team, and our outreach! Academies of Loudoun
07A Investing PVA and CMCAB Healing Polymer I will show my pre-made healing polymers with before and after effects Academies of Loudoun
07B Calcium Carrageenan-Alginate as an Alternative to Petrochemical Plastics Learn how we are attempting to create a saline-soluble polymer that may be an alternative to plastics, helping to alleviate the problems of marine pollution. Academies of Loudoun
08 AET Freshman Robotics Project Students will demonstrate their robots that can drive around and have trigger sensors to turn. Academies of Loudoun
09 Fabrication of a Combination Darrieus Rotor and Helix Shape Hydroelectric Turbine A novel application of water energy for irrigation systems using a 3D printed hydroelectric turbine. Academies of Loudoun
10 High Altitude Balloon Project Students will show off the high altitude balloon project that we launched. Academies of Loudoun
11A Small decentralized robotic swarm that provides 2D mapping of a disaster site using SLAM We are mimicking the environment of a disaster site for a set of swarm robots to navigate through and locate different useful points that can help in disaster relief. Academies of Loudoun
11B Effect of C-, F-, and Li-doping on the Superconductive Properties of YBCO The exhibit will include a video of the demonstration of the phenomenon of magnetic levitation in superconductors and a brief explanation of the science behind it. Academies of Loudoun
12A Detecting Novel Exoplanets using the Transit Method The project consists of detecting exoplanets (planets that orbit stars other than the Sun) using a process called the transit method. Many images of a star will be taken over many nights and by viewing the changes in the star's brightness over time, an exoplanet can be detected and studied Academies of Loudoun
12B Wireless Power Metering with a System of Arduinos WPT (Wireless power transfer) has not been commercialized in applications where power is available in certain spaces without any wires or alternative power sources. Power is vital today because we depend on technology in the form of phones, laptops, and tablets all of which need power to operate in public environments.The system of WPT with metering allows for this commercialization of wireless power because the amount of power flowing across the system is measured; and is ultimately necessary b Academies of Loudoun
13 Absolute Zero Robotics Absolute Zero Robotics is a robotics team that competes in the First Tech Challenge and will be showcasing its robot for the season. Academies of Loudoun
14-16 Coding Our Plant Adaptations with BirdBrain Technologies Let's take learning about plant adaptations to a whole new level by creating a plant and coding it's natural movements for survival! Fourth grade students have learned extensively on how to use the BirdBrain Technologies Micro-bit Coding program. With their background knowledge, students designed a plant using art supplies which then have been coded using the BirdBrain Technologies Micro-bit coding program. Come by our booth to see how different plants move/adapt in their different environments Discovery Elementary School
17 Safe Sunscreen: Creating a liposomal formulation of the chemical UV-filter Oxybenzone Oxybenzone is a UV-filter currently used in sunscreen that has the side effect of mimicking the hormone estrogen. Current sunscreen formulations allow Oxybenzone to enter the human bloodstream, creating potentially harmful effects on the reproductive system. This project uses lipid nanoparticles to encapsulate and trap Oxybenzone in the layer of human skin, preventing it from causing systemic harm. Academies of Loudoun
18 Lathe-based and Cross-sectional Organic 3D Modeling and Animation via Sketching and Graphing A demonstration of a 3D-modeling program that generates 3D meshes and animations from user-drawn functions, curves, and cross sections. Academies of Loudoun
19 Machine Learning Applications in Bioinformatics and Medical Diagnosis Exhibit will show ALLNet (a machine learning model to detect Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia from white blood cell images) and NeuralVoice (a machine learning model to detect Parkinson's Disease from voice data) to visitors and explain the basics of how ML works and its applications in medicine. Academies of Loudoun
20 Petra's Tank A semi-automated tank designed to regulate water levels for pet reptiles. Academies of Loudoun
22 First Tech Challenge Robotics by Circuit Breakers How to build a robot and compete in the First Tech Challenge. Circuit Breakers, will showcase the robot that is being used this season and will also explain this year's robot challenge. Community Organization
23-24 AOS Engineering Research (1) Thrust Measurement of drone blades, (2) Unmanned Vehicle Detection, (3) 3D Printing filament for Orthotics, (4) Automobile Safety Academies of Loudoun
25 Gutter Downspout Water Turbine This design is a water turbine designed to be installed within a gutter downspout. The water flowing through the gutter during periods of precipitation is used to generate electricity. Academies of Loudoun
26 Passion Projects - Personalizing Learning in Science Students will share the products and research created through their individual passion projects. Each student selected a science topic important to them, created a driving question to answer, researched and developed a product to display in their presentation to others. Hovatter Elementary
27-28 Animal Adaptations After speaking with a Zoologist, students were charged with creating habitats based on an animals needs and adaptations. Some students created "blueprints" of these in Tinkercad, while others created diorama models. Hovatter Elementary
29 Design of an Application Encouraging Juvenile Exploration of Local Communities Juveniles are among the most targeted demographics for mobile games, however this often causes them to stay inside on their devices and neglect outside exploration. Through the usage of our app, GeoJourney, we strive to encourage young people to venture outdoors, while also aiming to educate them on their local surroundings in a captivating way. Academies of Loudoun
30 AET Hands-On Math AET Hands-On Math Exhibit Academies of Loudoun
31 CS activities Students will use different colored beads to make bracelets out of their initials in binary. Academies of Loudoun
32 Animation Intro Hands on animation! Academies of Loudoun
33 Lightweight Lua-Running Operating System Compact lightweight general operating system for high-level abstracted language development. Academies of Loudoun
34 Electronics, working with arduinos Showing a Variety of whats possible and what has been done using arduinos in my robotics classes Farmwell Station Middle School
35 Computer Integrated Engineering & Design I & II Design work and Research Project Progress Student Research and Design work from CIED I & II Academies of Loudoun
36 Infinity Guitar A guitar with the body being an "infinity mirror" Academies of Loudoun
37 Habit Rabbit As part of our Senior Research class, we are creating a productivity app. We chose to approach this with gamification through a reward system for completing tasks. Furthermore, we hope that our game, Habit Rabbit, can promote positive habits in a fun and refreshing way by letting users play with their own (virtual) rabbit! Academies of Loudoun
38A The Effect of Noise and Light Pollution on Signal Response in Female Crickets We have female Acheta domesticus (common house crickets) in their tank. They're being used for research into the effect of noise and light pollution on their response to the male calling song and CHC preference and the experimental arena is also displayed. Academies of Loudoun
38B Investigating the Effect of Açaí Palm on Drosophila melanogaster to Avert Parkinson’s Disease Investigates the neuroprotective effects of Acai berry on locomotor function with the aim of developing accessible therapeutic solutions for Parkinson's disease. Academies of Loudoun
39A Determining Heat Treatments as an Alternative to Conventional Convulsants in Caenorhabditis elegans Check out some cool, microscopic worms! I am going to be using them to find a treatment for seizures Academies of Loudoun
39B Testing different Vitamin C concentrations on depressed Drosophila Melanogaster Vials of flies (2-3 vials to demonstrate larvae, hatching, and adult stage), along with an activity monitor will be showcased. Academies of Loudoun
40A How Decreases in Astrocytes Effect Symptoms of Depression in Drosophila melanogaster Determining if decreases of astrocytes do in fact have a role in the development of depression by comparing untreated miR-31aKO mutant Drosophila melanogaster to flies that are induced with depression through vibration therapy. Academies of Loudoun
40B Lymnaea stagnalis as a Potential Invertebrate Model of Intergenerational Trauma Intergenerational Trauma, or Transgenerational Trauma, is a phenomenon in which trauma causes epigenetic alterations, or heritable changes in the genome of offspring due to environmental factors, that induce responses that imitate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)-like symptoms in offspring (Yehuda & Lehrner, 2018).  Currently, there are various vertebrate models of Intergenerational Trauma, such as rodent and marmoset models. However, there are no invertebrate models of the phenomenon. Ther Academies of Loudoun
41 Polar Pledge Kindergarten students answered the question, "How can we, as ecologists, advocate for polar animals and their habitats?" We did hands on research, used coding, and STEM projects. Goshen Post Elementary School
42 Show What You Know Using Scratch Students use Scratch to demonstrate their learning of a concept. Buffalo Trail Elementary School
43 Plant Reproduction: An Interactive Poster Students will use the Makey Makeys and Scratch to Animate a poster describing a flowering plants reproductive parts. Buffalo Trail Elementary School
44 Level Up Youth Center Students are partnering with Nintendo to create a new gaming youth center. They have worked to plan and purchase arcade and games using a $500,000 budget. Then final product with be students designing a new game to be featured in the game center. Buffalo Trail Elementary School
45 A simple machine invention to protect ancient civilizations from natural disasters or barriers. Students were tasked to invent a tool using simple machines to protect ancient civilization from a natural disaster or barrier. Buffalo Trail Elementary School
46 LEGO Spike Mania! We build it! We code it! We love it! Liberty Elementary School
47 Ozobots! Code your way through the Water Cycle Coding tiny robots makes learning big concepts lots of fun! Liberty Elementary School
48 Bringing Our Projects to Life We use Makey Makey and Scratch to make our projects fun and interactive! Liberty Elementary School
49A Academies of Loudoun Tour Tour of the Academies of Loudoun building led by Academies of Loudoun SCA members. Academies of Loudoun
49B Academies of Loudoun - Admissions Information We will be onsite to answer questions about admission criteria, timeline, etc... Academies of Loudoun
50 Sugar Dome A lesson in science, chemistry and art. A demonstrations of basic ingredients, sugar and glucose. Will be cooked into a clear syrup and made into an edible dome. This sugar dome can then be used to decorate cakes and desserts for a professional finish. Academies of Loudoun
51 Terms and Conditions Scanner Often, users agree to terms and conditions without genuinely understanding their implications. There’s a high potential for hidden scams that are often overlooked and ignored as the document itself is a tedious read because of its length and verbosity. This research focuses on an application that scans a terms and conditions contract, identifies its weakness, and then returns a percentage safety evaluation for signing that contract and another document highlighting the suspicious phrases in that Academies of Loudoun
52 Illuminaire Start -Up Business Illuminare- Offers interactive coding and robotics kits on a subscription basis to help parents entertain their child at home. Unlike other STEM kits, Illuminare features a unique pathway system with multiple pathways of 4-5 kits on a topic, paving the way for a child to learn something new. Academies of Loudoun
53 WriteRight - The 100% biodegradable pen A sustainable pen company focused on making a 100% biodegradable pen! Visit our station to test the pen for yourself, and get more information! Academies of Loudoun
54 I-Secretary A scheduling app made for student productivity and time management. Made for students, by students. Academies of Loudoun
55 Collar Scholar App We will be showcasing the prototype/demo of our pet simulator that helps kids to learn responsibility and prove to their parents that they are responsible enough for a pet. Academies of Loudoun
56 EZWater (smart self-watering pot) A prototype of our product for entrepreneurship company EZwater. This prototype will be a smart self-watering pot that will automatically water a plant inside the pot. Additionally this pot will connect to a website that allows the user to put in information about the plant so the pot can create a watering schedule for the plant depending on the type and age of a plant. Academies of Loudoun
57 Moondrop Handbag company that utilizes repurposed and recycled materials to create products in order to reduce waste. Academies of Loudoun
58 Femme Press Nails Product Femme Press Nails offers detachable nail tips to teen girls so they can prioritize both fashion and function. Academies of Loudoun
59 Supasole A thin replaceable outsole that saves your sole by increasing both its traction and durability. Academies of Loudoun
60 Minvest Meet Minvest. The one place where investing education and research is quick and simple. The pioneers of the one minute market, where you can learn about and decide on a stock in under one minute. The creators of a revolutionary personalized platform, where you can invest to meet your financial goals. The designers of a real time education framework, where you can learn about investing while actually doing it. The project designed by teenagers for teenagers. Visit our booth for some free merchand Academies of Loudoun
61 Eco&Co. School Binders Eco&Co. creates school binders that are eco-friendly, more durable than other binders out there, and aesthetically pleasing. Come learn about our binders and pre-order for the chance to get a 10% discount upon purchase! Academies of Loudoun
62 Athletify A community based, running app that is will make running fun & enjoyable. Academies of Loudoun
63 Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Challenge Projects Students in grades 3-8 completed solar and wind turbine renewable energy projects at Makersmiths that were entered in Virginia's 2022 KidWind Renewable Energies Challenge. The solar project consists of a smart home model that uses solar panels that power lights and a fan controlled by an Arduino. A wind turbine with different project blades and a fan to generate wind will enable participants to see how energy is created and then displayed on a computer using a Go Direct Energy box and Vernier Gr Makersmiths
64 PM Project The PM Project stands for the Plastic Mat Project. In this initiative I began collecting plastic bags and cutting them into strips of plastic yarn, or “plarn”, transforming them into hand woven mats. The plastic mats are 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, and provide a layer of insulation for those who may sleep on rough surfaces. It is also very durable, lightweight, and portable. It is the perfect design for individuals or families who are constantly traveling and need an easy-to-carry sleeping surf Academies of Loudoun
65 Model Rocketry at John Champe High School Since the last Maker Fair, the JCHS Model Rocketry Club has qualified for the national finals of The American Rocketry Competition (TARC) and has supported members with certifications from the National Association of Rocketry. Come see our latest rockets and our home-made launch rail. John Champe High School
66 The Academies Film Fest Awards (AFFA) Sneak Peek The Academies Film Fest Awards (AFFA) is the premier student-centered film festival representing the best short films by students, for students attending the Academies of Loudoun. Academies of Loudoun
67 Graphic Communications Display The Graphic Communications pathway at the Academies of Loudoun displays work. Academies of Loudoun