• Purpose of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

    Life-threatening emergency situations may arise at any given moment during an athletic event or practice.  Despite our best efforts, emergency personnel need to be aware of this possibility and not develop a false sense of security. When life-threatening emergencies occur, it is vital that an EAP be established to clearly delineate the policies and procedures in order to deliver effective and efficient care.  It is the goal of the LCPS Athletic Trainers to implement an EAP that will aid in minimizing the time needed to provide an immediate response to a potentially life-threatening medical emergency.  Each school and venue specific EAP will outline the personnel and their responsibilities, emergency equipment, the chain of communication with contact information, transportation procedures, venue specific directions, a designated emergency care facility, and documentation procedures.

    Sample EAP

    LCPS Substitute Athletic Training Plan

Last Modified on June 1, 2022