Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books 2024

    1. What is Battle of the Books?

    • A team of 4-6 students representing Catoctin who compete against other teams from Catoctin this year to test their knowledge of 28 books.

    • Every question starts: “In what book . . .” The team’s job is to name the book title and author. The team works together quietly, for 30 seconds, to come up with the title and author of the book. The team captain will speak out loud to give the answer.


    1. Who can join Battle of the Books?

    • Any 3rd, 4th or 5th grader can apply to be on a Battle team.

      • Applications will be considered based on interest and commitment.

      • Individual student progress will be monitored based on the number of battle books read.

      • Team Captains will be chosen for each team.


    1. What books do you have to read?

    • The 28 books listed on the webpage. They are also available on the library web-site.

      • 3rd graders read at least 8 books. 4th graders read at least 9 books and 5th graders at least 11 books.

      • Teams will work together to make sure all the books on the list have been read.


    1. When is the competition?

    • Thursday, June 6, 2024


    1. When do practices take place?

    • All practices are held during school hours. Usually 1 day a week from 8-8:30am (after spring break).

    • No time outside of school is required besides reading time.

    Still have questions? Maybe one of the promotional videos will be helpful:

    Promotional Video #1 

    Promotional Video #2

    Promotional Video #3

    Promotional Video #4


     Applications for Battle of the Books have been sent home. You can download a copy of the Battle of the Books application through the library folder found in Schoology. 


    If you enjoy reading,

    If you want to improve your reading comprehension,

    This academic team is for you.

    Join “Battle of the Books”!



    If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Shannon