LCPS Apology for Messaging About John Champe Incident


    Yesterday, a school-wide message was sent addressing an incident at John Champe High School’s “Culture Day” observance. An image of a member of the student body dressed in an historical costume was shared on social media. We have since learned that an element of this attire has been associated with hate speech. We apologize to our school community that we did not identify this symbolism earlier.

    We reject and condemn any instances of bullying, hate speech and racism of any kind, as they do not reflect the values of Loudoun County Public Schools. We have sent a message of apology to the John Champe School community, and we are sending this message to LCPS community members. 

    Our Administrative Team will work closely with staff and classroom teachers, school counselors, and our Unified Mental Health Team to best support the students, along with their families, who were impacted by this situation.

    We are addressing this issue in accordance with School Board policies and the guidelines laid out in the Student Rights and Responsibilities document that we all acknowledged at the beginning of the school year. Because this incident involves possible disciplinary consequences, we can offer no further details.

    It is our top priority to make our school a better and safer place for all students and staff members to learn, work, and feel valued. We take matters involving our students’ safety, both physically and emotionally, seriously. 


    Published February 15, 2022

Last Modified on February 15, 2022