• Hi Parents,

    As you may know students are required to take an SOL for two reasons.  One very important reason is it is a part of the Verified Credit (VC) process needed for a diploma.  The other is to meet Federal Accountability (FA) requirements placed on schools by the Federal government.

    Students need a total of 5 VCs to earn their diploma:

    • Math-1
    • Social Sciences – 1
    • Science – 1
    • Reading – 1 (taken as a part of English 11)
    • Writing – 1 (taken as part of English 11)

     The Federal Accountability requirement is that students be tested in each of the following areas when the student is physically present in high school:

    • Math
    • Science – Virginia chose Biology as the FA science SOL
    • Reading

    Every student in an SOL class has been informed by their teacher whether they need to take the SOL and the reason for taking it.  You, as a parent, have the right to refuse to have your student take an SOL.  We do not recommend refusing to take an SOL that is needed to help fulfill a VC requirement.  Doing so places a burden on your student to take an SOL in the same subject are later in their high school career.  That future SOL could be more difficult than the one for the course your student is presently taking.

    Students who are asked to take an SOL simply for the FA reason have typically already earned the VC for that subject area.  Refusing this SOL does not affect your student’s diploma status or ability to graduate.  It does affect the data used to calculate Dominion’s rating.

    Speak with your student regarding their SOLs.  If you wish to refuse one, or more, SOLs then please fill out this Permission Click Refusal Form.

    • Complete the information regarding your student
    • Choose SOL
    • Select the appropriate SOL, or SOLs, that you wish to refuse

    Please do not select every SOL as this makes it harder to sort all the data.

    If you have any questions regarding SOLs, please contact Mr. Chuba at 571-434-4400 or by email: tom.chuba@lcps.org.

Last Modified on August 24, 2023