Remedies and Disciplinary Sanctions

  • Remedies and Disciplinary Sanctions are required to be provided to a complainant when a respondent is found responsible and must be designed to maintain the complainant’s equal access to education. They may be similar to supportive measures; however, remedies need not be non-disciplinary or non-punitive and need not avoid burdening the respondent.

    Disciplinary sanctions are imposed upon a substantiated complaint under Title IX. The following is a listing of disciplinary sanctions that may be administered in Loudoun County Public Schools. These sanctions are evaluated on the severity of the infractions. This is not an exhaustive list with each situation evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


    Student Remedies and Disciplinary Sanctions

    • Parent conference
    • Removal of school privileges
    • Restorative practice
    • No contact with the complainant
    • Restricting class selection/enrollment
    • After school detention
    • In-school restriction
    • Suspension out of school
    • Long-term suspension
    • Expulsion


    Employee Remedies and Disciplinary Sanctions

    • Performance Improvement Plan
    • Memorandum of Expectation
    • Letter of Reprimand
    • Suspension with pay
    • Suspension without pay
    • Training
    • Termination


Last Modified on March 25, 2022