• Beginning school year 2022-2023, the PSAT 8/9 will be administered in a digital format, which contains a Desmos calculator for the allowable portion of the test. There is no need for any student taking the PSAT 8/9 to bring a calculator.

    The PSAT/NMSQT will be administered in a paper test form. If a student wishes to use a calculator on the PSAT/NMSQT, they may bring a College Board approved model with extra batteries, if desired. Calculators will not be distributed by any LCPS school on test day. 


    From the College Board:


    Calculators are allowed on only one part of the Math test.

    Calculator Smarts

    • Bring your own calculator. You can't share one.
    • Don’t bring a brand-new calculator. Bring one you know.
    • Practice for the test using the same calculator you'll use on test day.
    • Decide how to solve a problem, then decide if you need your calculator. This might surprise you, but calculators don't always save time. In fact, the Math Test includes some questions where it's faster not to use a calculator, even though you're allowed to.

    Calculator Use

    • In the Math Test–Calculator portion of the test, you’ll be able to focus on complex modeling and reasoning because your calculator can save you time.
    • However, the calculator is, like any tool, only as smart as the person using it. The Math Test includes some questions where it’s better not to use a calculator, even though you’re allowed to. In these cases, students who make use of structure or their ability to reason will probably finish before students who use a calculator.

    Acceptable Calculators

    If you have a calculator with characters that are one inch or higher, or if your calculator has a raised display that might be visible to other test-takers, you will be seated at the discretion of the test coordinator.

    Only battery-operated, handheld equipment can be used for testing. No power cords are allowed.

    Calculators permitted during testing include:

    • Most graphing calculators (see chart)
    • All scientific calculators
    • All four-function calculators (not recommended)


    Unacceptable Calculators

    You are not allowed to use any of the following items as a calculator:

    • Laptops or other computers, tablets, mobile phones, smartwatches, or wearable technology
    • Models that can access the Internet, have wireless, Bluetooth, cellular, audio/video recording and playing, camera, or any other smartphone-type features
    • Models that have a computer-style (QWERTY) keypad, pen input, or stylus
    • Models that use electrical outlets, make noise, or have a paper tape
    • In addition, the use of hardware peripherals such as a stylus with an approved calculator is not permitted. Some models with touchscreen capability are not permitted (e.g., Casio ClassPad).

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Last Modified on August 16, 2022