• Cast List

    Please note - the student creative team was so impressed with the auditions that we will be adding more lines to characters!   You will see revisions coming up this week!

    Students cast as characters that are not students will also be students in various scenes.

    Character Name    /   3 / 4 Cast    /   1 / 2 Cast

    OLIVER:   Krishnan  /   Henley

    ELEANOR:  Chloe    /    Ava R

    TAYLOR   Sydney    /     Mira 

    SAMANTHA:   Zuni     /     Megan 

    SOPHIA:       Katie    /     Anna 

    OSCAR:   Emmi    /     Chance

    COLLIN:     Keith  /    Sid

    LOGAN:   Kayden    /    Ethan

    MS ROBERTS:   Kylee   /     Autumn

    TAYLOR'S MOM  Maia   /    Jaiskarit

    COUNSELOR   Grace   Trish

    TEACHER:    Madison   Robyn

    GLASSES VENDOR   Ava  Z    /    Sierra

    STUDENT AT PARTY:    Salma   Sarah

    GRANDMA:     Reja  Nia

    MAILMAN:  Scarlette (all shows)

    GIRL SCOUT JENNINE:  Andria   /    Crystal

    GIRL SCOUT JOHANNA:  Sophia   /   Nicole

    GIRL SCOUT: JESSICA    Ella  /   Nala

Last Modified on October 22, 2022