• Open Enrollment
    Oracle Self Service Open Enrollment FAQs
    The Basics
    Do I have to do anything if I don’t want any changes to my benefits?
    No, your elections for 2023 will roll over to next year with the exception of Flexible Spending Accounts. If you want a Flexible Spending Account for 2024, you must make an election during Open Enrollment.
    Do I have to make my elections in Oracle Self-Service or can I turn in a paper form?
    All Open Enrollment elections must be made in Oracle Self-ServiceUse your Benefit Online Manual as a guide. A Spanish version is also available.
    What if I forgot my password to Oracle or don’t know how to log in?
    Follow the steps in the Oracle Passwords and Login Procedures GuideIf you’re still unable to log in call the Technology Support Center at 571-252-2112.
    Why can’t I select my benefits on the Benefit Enrollments screen?
    Make sure you click on “Update Benefits” to start your enrollment.
    Why is my benefit showing “Suspended”? 
    If you are covering dependents, elections will be suspended until we review for required documentation.  Documentation is required for dependents not previously enrolledSee All About Dependents below for more information.
    How do I know if my “Suspended” benefits get approved?
    If you are missing the required documentation, we will contact you. We will also send an email when we have finalized Open Enrollment confirming your elections. You can view your finalized 2024 elections at that time in Oracle.
    Do I need to print a Confirmation Statement?
    Yes! Your Confirmation Statement from Open Enrollment is proof of your intended elections should there be any discrepancies. Print or save a copy of your Confirmation Statement if you make any changes.
    What if I don’t have a computer or still need assistance?
    We are here to help! Email lcpshealthwellness@lcps.org or call 571-252-1810 to ask your question or schedule an appointment.
    All About Dependents

    I can’t remove a dependent from my Dependents list that I don’t want to cover.
    You do not remove dependents from the Dependents screen.  You will assign dependents to each benefit later and should exclude them there.   
    If I add a new dependent, what date should I use for the Relationship Start Date?
    For Open Enrollment, use the current date.
    If I add a NEW dependent is there anything else I need to do?
    If you add a new dependent, you will be required to submit documentation as evidence of their relationship to you (ex. marriage certificate, birth certificate). This documentation should be uploaded on the Attachments page.
    Do I have to submit documentation on the Attachments page if I am not adding any new dependents?
    No, if all dependents were previously covered by an LCPS plan, you do not need to submit documentation or complete the form on the Attachments page.   
    What if I do not submit the required dependent documentation by November 15?
    Your “Suspended” election will be canceled and your elections will default to your “Interim” election for 2024.
    A Note for New Hires

    If you’re a new employee with benefits to start in November or December, you will be making your New Hire elections in Oracle. You will see Event Name “LCPS New Hire” in Oracle. These elections will roll over to next year (with the exception of Flexible Spending Accounts). Contact our office if you would like to make any changes or enroll in an FSA for next year.
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    More information regarding your 2024 options and resources can be found on the Open Enrollment Website.
Last Modified on October 26, 2023