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    About Us

    Sources of strength is a community at Farmwell Station dedicated to bringing awareness towards the different aspects of overall well being. 

    What is the wheel and why is it important?

    The sources of strength wheel shows several aspects of one's life and tries to support ways to improve on the aspects you're struggling on. This is important because we want to make sure our lives can be as balanced as possible when referring to the wheel. A wheel being unbalanced can lead to a dramatic decrease in fulfillment and enjoyment of life, but having one or two lower aspects doesn't mean that'll be the case!

    How do we contribute to the community?

    In Sources, we spend our time coming up with ways to contribute to our community by reaching out to students via advisory lessons, surveys, and positive notes around the building. 


    Whether related to us by blood, or by choice, these are the people who support, nurture, and care for us.


    Positive friends lift us up, make us laugh, are honest with us, and are there for us when we need them. They offer us kind words when we are down. They also want us to be happy.


    A Mentor is an experienced person who shares their insight to help guide us, and help us draw on our own strengths to be the best version of ourselves.


    When we feel stressed, Healthy Activities - whether they are social, physical, or emotional - help us unwind, lift our mood, and gain clarity.


    Generosity can look a lot of different ways, from donating money or time, to being intentionally kind to other people. These acts of kindness towards others, big or small, can make an impact on how we feel about ourselves.


    Spirituality is practiced in many ways, but at its core we consider what gives us a sense of purpose and connection in our spirit. Thankfulness is a profound way to practice Spirituality together no matter what our cultural heritage and/or spiritual tradition. 


    When we are injured, we don't have to stay in pain. We can get better with access to the medical care we need and deserve. Physical and social/emotional pain are often integrated and it's important to take care of our bodies, hearts, and minds.


    Mental Health is all about getting the support we need and deserve to help us when we are struggling. Our mental health is a very important part of living a healthy life, and oftentimes, getting together with a trusted person can help empower us to overcome internal struggles we might be facing.  


    If you would like to speak to someone at school about mental health concerns or just to check-in, please email your school counselor or schedule an appointment to speak with them!

    Our School Counselors

    Janae Gwizdala - 6th grade counselor

    Carl LaRue - 7th grade counselor

    Amilyn Konopki - 8th grade counselor (Last Names A-L)

    Ann Neri - 8th grade counselor (Last Names M-Z), Special Programs, and AOL & TJ High School Admissions Process