LCPS Commitment to Equity

  • Loudoun County Public Schools Commitment to Equity statement, developed with community involvement, collaboration with stakeholder groups and inputs from students and staff, was shared with the School Board and public on June 28, 2022. 

    LCPS Commitment to Equity is our division-wide commitment to equity and opportunity, and aligns with preparing all students to pursue and achieve their full potential. In the newly adopted One LCPS: 2027 Strategic Plan for Excellence, equity and opportunity represent one of the six core values foundational to our strategic goals and actions.

    LCPS Commitment to Equity
    LCPS centers equity as one of its foundational core values. For our community, equity means being committed to providing a safe, supportive, inclusive, affirming, and respectful environment for each student and staff member that fosters success, growth, and academic rigor. The cultivation of this environment requires us to reject and condemn the use of hate speech, racial slurs, antisemitism, and any action or behavior that discriminates based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, socio-economic status, religion, ability, or other cultural identities or expression. Such noninclusive speech, behavior, and actions do not reflect who we are as a learning community.

    We embrace and value the unique identities, backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and needs of each student and employee. Celebrating our diversity is important and helps define us as a school division.  

    Demonstrating the courage to address inequities and remove barriers represents an integral part of our collective effort towards excellence in education. Equity is the vehicle that leads to greater access, opportunity, and equality, so that each student is empowered to make meaningful contributions to the world.

    (Updated on November 2, 2023)



Last Modified on December 19, 2023