• The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is one of four Honor Societies offered by the World Languages and Cultures Department. To be inducted into the SHH, there are requirements that must be met.  

    Typically, the student is identified in their fourth year, second semester of foreign language study. If they meet the grade requirements and the cumulative GPA requirements and agree to continue studying the language until their graduation, they will receive a congratulatory letter, and an invitation to join.  Members will be asked at times to assist in community service projects, cultural activities and tutoring programs within the school.

    Requirements are:


    * Must have a 3.5 GPA

    * Beginning at level 3, you must have 3 'A' semesters in a row in Spanish class

    * Must commit to taking Spanish through level 5, unless circumstances prevent you otherwise

    * Pay a one-time $15 initiation fee


    If you have questions regarding the Spanish Honors Society, please contact the World Languages and Cultures Department Chairperson, Mr. Matthew Landers, at 571-252-2000