• Long-Term Disability for VRS Hybrid Members
    A long-term disability is a non-work or work-related condition that prevents you from performing the full duties of your job for an extended period of time. As a VRS Hybrid member, you are automatically enrolled in the Long-Term Disability plan paid for by the School Board.
    Income Replacement
    If you are approved for long-term disability, you will receive 60 percent of your pre-disability income after 125 workdays of short-term disability. If you are approved for work-related long-term disability, your VLDP benefit will be offset by your workers’ compensation benefit. Because of this offset, you will not receive a VLDP benefit if your workers’ compensation is greater than your VLDP benefit amount.
    Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits
    If you become disabled, you may be required to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Your VLDP benefit will be offset by the SSDI benefit at your applicable income replacement level. Reed Group will assist you in applying for SSDI and appealing your claim if it is denied.
Last Modified on April 20, 2022