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Federal Impact Aid (Public Law 81-874) Pupil-Parent Survey

  • The Federal Impact Aid program provides financial assistance to school districts that enroll federally connected students.  The funds secured from the program become part of the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) general operating budget and help reduce the amount of local monies needed to provide a quality education for your children.  

    LCPS is eligible to receive Impact Aid funds if either parent or guardian is on active duty in the uniformed services or working on federally-owned property located in Virginia.  Individuals working on federally-owned property in Virginia may be employed by a private business or contractor, or the federal government.

    For SY22-23, as part of the verification and registration process in ParentVUE, we are requesting parents and guardians to complete the online survey form if applicable.

    An LCPS Impact Aid Form 2024 form (Spanish form) will be available for those parents and guardians who prefer to submit the requested information with a paper survey; the completed form may then be mailed to LCPS' Business and Finance at 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, Virginia 20148 or provide the completed form to the school and they will forward.

    Please complete the survey by no later than January 26, 2024, for each LCPS-enrolled child in your household. 

    All information collected is confidential and will be used only for the stated purpose of determining the amount of funding available to LCPS.  

    Should you have questions, or need more information regarding the Impact Aid Pupil-Parent Survey, please contact the Division of Business and Financial Services, Accounting Division at or 571-252-1220. 

    Learn more about Impact Aid.


    Updated May 23, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • My spouse and I are both federally connected. Should we provide information for both of us?

    Yes.  Please complete the survey providing information for both of you if you work on federally owned property located in Virginia and/or are active duty in the uniformed services.

  • I don't work for the federal government. Am I still eligible?

    You are eligible if you work on federal property located in Virginia, regardless of whether the federal government is your employer.  If you believe you work on federally owned property, but the property is not listed on the survey form, please select 'Other' from the list and provide the location address of where you work.  Your information will be reviewed for eligibility.

  • Do we need to complete a Permission Click survey for each of our children?

    No, you can complete one survey for all children in your household.  Simply provide the Loudoun County Public Schools student ID of each of your children.

  • While I work on federally owned property in Virginia, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am currently working from home. Would I still be considered federally connected for Impact Aid funding?

    Yes.  Persons working on federally-owned property in Virginia may be employed by a private business or contractor or the federal government - even if working remotely during the current pandemic.

  • We live in Loudoun County but our child is currently attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County. Do we still need to complete a Permission Click survey?

    Yes.  While your child attends Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Fairfax County Public Schools in unable to collect Impact Aid funds for students who do not live in their jurisdiction.   

  • Will the Impact Aid money that Loudoun County Public Schools receives be designated for the school at which federally connected students attend?

    No.  Impact Aid funds are part of the general operating budget which supports all Loudoun County Public Schools students and schools.

Last Modified on January 24, 2024