• – QUARTER 1 –

    Unit 1- Natural Disasters

    AP Theme: Global Challenges 

    AP Subtheme: Environmental Issues

    Time Suggested: 4 weeks 

    • Express and explain information about natural disasters
    • Explore natural disasters and emergency preparation
    • Discuss the impact and effects of natural disasters in our daily lives and the environment.
    • Demonstrates comprehension of content from authentic audio-visual texts relating to natural disasters 
    • Evaluates and interprets written texts and materials on past weather and natural disasters.
    • Explore attitudes when reacting to weather disasters within our community, the United States, and the world.

    Language Structures: Direct object pronouns, Regular/Irregular Preterite, Affirmative Tu commands, Imperfect Tense

    Unit 2- Accidents and Health Issues

    AP Theme: Science and Technology

    AP Subtheme: Health Care and Medicine

    Time Suggested: 4 weeks 

    • Describe what you were like as a child
    • Discuss health issues resulting from accidents. 
    • Express and explain information about an accident or emergency that occurred.
    • Express opinions and react to past events related to accidents and emergencies.
    • Make connections between historical contexts and current attitudes towards international health organizations, further knowledge of basic first aid within our community, the United States, and the world.
    • Compare and contrast emergency medical care and ambulance services in the United States and Spanish- speaking countries.

    Language Structures: Negative Tu commands and Imperfect progressive  

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