Class Content  All three photojournalism classes (Blocks 1, 3, 6) have students in different levels of photojournalism. The descriptions provided are general. Individual interests may have a student working in an area for a different level of the program. Classes are collaborative and hands-on. The material created is used in the yearbook.
    Photojournalism I Students in this course will study all introductory aspects of photojournalism while completing assignments that will help Photojournalism II & III students complete the 2020 Saga.
    Photojournalism II
    Returning to the program for a second year, these students will be in classes mixed with Photojournalism III students. Together, they will produce the 2020 Saga and add material to the LVHS Publications YouTube channel.
    Photojournalism III
    The most experienced photojournalism students,
    the majority hold an editorial position and are responsible for the content, production and management of the 2010 Saga and all social media including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the LVHS Publications YouTube channel. 

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