•                                                          Hawkins Room Team


      Mrs. Gwendolyn Hawkins 

          I earned a Master’s in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and have a B.S. degree in Education from Skidmore College.  Overall, I taught for 33 years in the Primary and Early Education field, both in private and public schools.  I taught 23 years in Loudoun County Public Schools (two years as a first grade, 18 years as a second grade teacher and three years as a kindergarten teacher).   My supportive husband, Rick, is an IT consultant and my son, Carter, is 17 years old and a senior at Independence High School.  Teaching, for me, is my calling in life and I am thrilled to be working with the children that I love so much.   

          It is a privilege to be a teacher at Sterling Elementary School and an honor to teach Kindergarten.  I am excited about coming to school every day, working beside my students and watching them grow daily in their learning.  I guide students in their learning as they study in a safe and caring environment that supports teamwork, creativity, problem solving and freedom to take risks in order to be successful learners.  I share my passion for learning with my Kindergartners and help the children in my classroom achieve their academic goals.  You can see the energy and enthusiasm that I bring to the classroom.  I have a wonderful way of making learning fun and the unique ability to adapt the subject matter to any child’s development level.  The children in my class are able to reach their full potential through a variety of learning materials.  I am thrilled to begin another fantastic year with many exciting units of study and special activities planned.  I am truly happy to work closely with the children and their families. I strongly believe that the home and school connection is important for my student's growth and development.  Many parents and scholars have developed great bonds of friendship throughout the years with me.   I am very grateful to have the chance to work beside your child and watch them grow academically, socially, and emotionally throughout the year. 

       Mrs. Rosabel Inga 

          I worked for five years at Sterling Elementary School as a Special Education Teacher Assistant.  I worked with Mrs. Hawkins as a Teacher's Aide for 2 years and loved every minute in the Kindergarten classroom. I have an Early Education degree and helped out at my community church with young children.  I have  a son who is 29 and a daughter who is 22 years old.  I am originally from Peru and speak both Spanish and English fluently.  Spending time with my family and playing with my little dog at home are the activities that I enjoy.  I am excited about beginning a wonderful year working with my new Kindergarten students.   


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