Partnering with businesses, both large and small, can have a powerful impact on a school and the community at large. With the tremendous support and resources of region's businesses, the Academies of Loudoun has been able to enhance the student experience and provide valuable opportunities to bridge the gap between academics and practical application in a workforce setting with the help of our valuable partners. No matter the level of involvement, we welcome business partners to explore the possibilities of how we might work together in a mutually beneficial relationship that feeds the pipeline of future workforce talent while also giving our students valuable insight into the world of business.

    Embrace our Mission to Research, Explore, Collaborate, and Innovate! We need our valued business partners to get involved in the following ways:
    •  Classroom facetime with students
    •  Career Fair participation
    •  Job shadowing opportunities
    •  Internship experiences
    •  Full-time job opportunities upon graduation
    •  Part-time summer jobs
    •  Serving on advisory committees
    • Assistance in guiding curriculum
    •  Staff development
    •  Guest speaking visits
    •  Research and entrepreneurship mentoring
    •  Financial support
    • Sponsorships
    • Incentives and awards
    • Competition judging


    These businesses are investing generously in the next generation of workforce talent, providing them with an opportunity to problem-solve and think critically about real-world challenges that these partners face every day. Here are just a few of our partners:
  • Start the Conversation today about how we can work together! Call Kelly Robucci, Placement Coordinator, at 571-252-1990 or email kelly.robucci@lcps.org