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    Kindergarten Dismissal Tags

    LCPS has a standardized dismissal procedure for all kindergarten students.  This procedure is intended to provide an additional level of safety for our youngest students.  It also helps our substitute drivers who are not familiar with their students or those meeting the students at the bus stop.

    Every household with a kindergarten student is provided 3 tags by their student’s school.  This year, school staff will fill out the student’s Identification Number and how the student gets to and from school (school bus, walker, car rider or daycare van), based on the Google Survey above.  

    The kindergarten student must have the orange tag attached to their backpack. Kindergarten students will only be released to a parent, guardian or escort if that person has a matching tag at a bus stop.  Parents/guardians are required to meet all kindergarten students at the bus stop each day, or the child will be returned to school.  

    The bus driver must verify that the kindergarten student’s tag and authorized person’s tag match to release the child.  This will provide consistency for the students, parents and bus drivers. Kindergarten tags help a substitute bus driver release a kindergarten student to an authorized person.  The first day of school please plan to bring your photo ID until you receive your kindergarten ID tag.


    If there is no authorized person at the stop to meet a kindergartner, the driver will keep the student on the bus and contact Dispatch.  If appropriate identification cannot be obtained, the student will be returned to their school.  All parents/guardians should have their license or another form of ID readily available on the first day of school.