• Hello Harper Park Hurricanes!

    Welcome to Harper Park, 6th graders! I am thrilled to be with you all for your first year at Harper Park! I am in my 3rd year at HPMS with previous experience in adolescent counseling, suicide prevention, and working with students who have mental health needs.

    I will be working closely with our School Counseling team, School Social Worker, School Psychologist, and other key mental health support staff to continue our support and prevention services at Harper Park. We will be meeting on a regular basis as a Unified Mental Health Team to create new programs, as well as improve our already existing mental health services.  

    Some of the goals that counselors will be focusing on in our new learning environments are: 

    + Bullying Prevention

    + College/Career Exploration

    + Strategies for Academic Success

    Get in Touch!

    Email: rawan.tringali@lcps.org

    Request to see Mrs. Tringali here. This link can also be found in LCPSGO.

    Office Phone: 571-252-2820 

    Suicide help hotline: Text or Call 988

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