• Standards of Learning (SOL) Testing is not available to private school or home instructed students.

    The Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Schools in Virginia do not allow the testing of private and home-schooled students on the Standards of Learning assessments (8VAC20-131-5). "The Standards for Accreditation are designed to ensure that an effective educational program is established and maintained in Virginia's public schools." Interpretive Superintendent's Memo No. 1, July 24, 1992, states, "Private school and home-instructed/schooled students may not take the tests unless and until they are enrolled in a public school setting leading to a Virginia standard diploma."

    Students enrolled in Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA) will participate in SOL testing coordinated through the Academy.

    Advanced Placement (AP) and Preliminary SAT (PSAT) testing is available to home instructed students, residing within Loudoun County, who have a current Notice of Intent on file with LCPS. More information can be found here.

    LCPS uses the state code to define students who are home instructed.

    AP and PSAT testing are not available to children who have been excused from compulsory attendance through a parent's request for religious exemption, students enrolled in private school, or students enrolled in Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA). Families can contact VAVA or the supporting school divisions for support.

    Virginia Virtual Academy is a tuition-free program of the following school districts: Bland, Bristol, Giles, King and Queen, Mecklenburg, Norton, Patrick, Radford, Tazewell, Washington, and Wise.



Last Modified on June 8, 2023