• There are some important tasks students must perform to prepare for AP exams in May. Students should start preparing now for the exams.   Please access the digital testing app, access the practice items, and familiarize yourselves with the set-up process that is required prior to testing. This should be done no later than May 10. See readiness steps and details below.

    Readiness steps: Students/Parents can review the required operating systems and technical requirements here. Students should also:

    1. Access the digital testing app and log in with their College Board username and password.
    2. Complete exam set up for EACH AP Exam, at least 1-3 days prior to the test. The AP exams will not show up in your College Board account until 5 days before they are scheduled to be administered. Once you complete the set up, no one else should use your device.
    3. Students must check into their exam 30 minutes prior to the start time. If they do not check-in prior to the start time, they will be unable to test.

    When accessing the digital testing app, students will find digital practice with each type of multiple-choice and free-response question they’ll see on exam day. Digital practice will also confirm students’ technology and let students practice using the tools and features in the digital testing application. Additional practice items and practice tests are available to students and teachers through their College Board account. Students taking a paper test may also find the practice supports in the app beneficial to their preparation even though they are not taking a digital test.

    LCPS has pushed the Digital Testing App out to all LCPS-managed devices.  

    Additional items to note:

    • A student’s My AP homepage will list the status of their readiness for digital exams. All readiness steps, including exam setup and check-in, as well as accessing digital practice must be completed through the digital testing application, not through My AP.  
    • Students can view their readiness status in My AP on any device, but students must also download/install the digital testing application and log in, complete practice, and complete exam setup on the computer that they’ll use for the actual exam. Reminder: LCPS has pushed the Digital Testing App out to all LCPS-managed devices. Students using a personal device will need to download the app.  
    • Students will use My AP to access their digital practice answers and the scoring materials for digital practice, reset digital practice, and submit makeup digital exam requests. Students can also reset digital practice through My AP.
    • Students shouldn't share devices for testing. Students should use the same device for exam setup through the conclusion of their digital exams.
    • Students must complete an exam setup step 1–3 days before each exam they take. This step loads their exam onto the computer they're going to test with. The process was designed to allow time for students to ensure their testing device is set up properly for test day—and, if students discover any issues with their technology, it also allows time to replace their testing device with one that works. It also mitigates the risk of inconsistent and/or inadequate internet connectivity during exam setup, which could prevent the AP Exam from loading successfully into the digital testing application.
    • After the conclusion of each exam, students will be able to confirm their successful exam submission in the digital testing application.