Summer Opportunities
  • Summer Programs for High School Students

    Pre-College Programs are popping up at both large and small universities across the country. What exactly are they and are they a good college resume builder?

    Prior to COVID-19, these programs generally allowed high school students to spend time exploring campus and interacting with professors, while taking a course for a certificate. Is there any value to these programs, especially now that most have pivoted to online platforms? It depends. Programs are not selective and usually accept any student able to pay the cost of the program. Participation doesn’t improve a student’s chance at admission to a top college. However, benefits include the opportunity for students to explore their interests and potentially network with industry leaders. So, if you’re really excited to learn more about Game Design and Interactive Storytelling, maybe the $129 program at Illinois Tech is a good option. Or, if you’re interested in space, you can take Origins: How the Universe, the Solar System and Life Began at Case Western Reserve for a whopping $995. Consider your passions and research pre-college opportunities and weigh the cost of the program to the benefits.