• SOL Testing: Spring 2021

    SOL Testing will take place in April and May 2021 on asynchronous Mondays at John Champe High School.  Transportation will be available for students who need it.  Health mitigation strategies will be in place for testing.  Students will be notified via LCPS email regarding testing location and arrival time at least 7 days prior to each test day.  

    How do I know if my child has to take an SOL test?

    Your child’s SOL testing requirements are based upon guidance from the Virginia Department of Education.  Students may or may not be required to test based upon the need for verified credits to meet diploma requirements or federal accountability requirements from the US Department of Education.  

    Your school testing coordinator will contact you with personalized information regarding your student’s SOL testing requirements along with an explanation of why your child does or does not need to take an SOL.  See the chart below for more information:

    Understanding Your Child’s SOL Test Requirements

    What does “Test Required for Verified Credit” mean?

    This SOL is required to earn a verified credit.  A verified credit is earned when a  student passes the class and the corresponding SOL test.  If you would like to delay earning this verified credit until the 2021-2022 school year, please complete the parent refusal form and indicate which test you are refusing.  Please complete this form by Friday, March 26, 2021.

    What does “Test Required for Federal Accountability” mean?

    This SOL test is required to meet federal accountability requirements.  Your child has already met the verified credit for this content area, but this test is federally mandated.  

    The Virginia Department of Education reports student pass rates from this SOL test to the United States Department of Education to meet federal requirements; therefore, Virginia school divisions must offer students the opportunity to participate in this SOL test.  If you would like to refuse this testing opportunity, please complete the parent refusal form and indicate which test you are refusing. Please complete this form by Friday, March 26, 2021.  

    What does “Test Not Required” mean?

    This SOL test is not required for diploma requirements or federal accountability and will not be offered to your child.  

    What is a “Performance Based Assessment (PBA) for Verified Credit” for my child’s history course?

    In lieu of an SOL test, your child will complete two end-of-course Performance-Based Assessments (PBA)  through their history class.  Students will also need to demonstrate content mastery by earning passing scores on other instructional work, and pass the course to earn a locally awarded verified credit.

    I  would like to refuse testing for my child.  How do I inform my child’s school of this decision?

    LCPS recognizes that this has been a challenging year for students, and they may not feel prepared to take an SOL test or be comfortable with the in-person testing requirement. Parents have the right to refuse testing for their children.  Please complete the parent refusal form and indicate which tests you are refusing within the form. Please complete this form by Friday, March 26, 2021

    Will completing a parent refusal form impact my child’s course grade?

    A refusal will not impact your child’s course grade or progression to the next course.  However, if you refuse a test required for verified credit, this will delay your child’s testing to the next school year.

    Will my child have to test in-person if we chose 100% distance learning for the second semester?

    Yes, all SOL tests will be administered in-person, as required by the Virginia Department of Education, regardless of whether a student selected hybrid or distance learning for the second semester.  LCPS has implemented rigorous health mitigation strategies to ensure the safety of students and staff while we meet these assessment mandates. In-person testing will be conducted using health screening forms and temperature checks, as well as mandatory mask wearing, frequent sanitization, and hand washing.  

    What are the diploma requirements for students in grades 9-11?

    Students in grades 9-11 pursuing either a Standard or Advanced Studies diploma require 5 verified credits.  

    Advanced Studies Diploma or Standard Diploma Requirements

    9th - 11th Grade

    (Applies to Class of 2022 and beyond)

    5 total Verified Credits:

    • 2 English (Writing and Reading)
    • 1 Math
    • 1 Social Science
    • 1 Science

    Transfer students may have different requirements.  Please see diploma requirement information from the Virginia Department of Education.  

    I have questions that were not answered here.  Where can I find more information?

    For more information related to SOL testing, visit:

    LCPS Assessment Office website

    John Champe High School testing website  

    Need more information? Contact us with questions.

    JCHS School Testing Coordinator, Mrs. Melissa Stecura

    LCPS Assessment Services Supervisor, Ms. Leigh Bennett

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Last Modified on April 5, 2021