• Behind the Wheel Registration Information 

      • Once you return the completed paperwork, along with your payment of $225 (please pay online through LCPS Payment Portal - NO ADDITIONAL FEES), you will be contacted by a LVHS instructor.
      Why take Behind the Wheel at LVHS?
      • Behind the Wheel at LVHS is taught by Loudoun County Public Schools staff members. More so than any private company, our instructors communicate with teenagers on a daily basis. Our instructors have ties to the LVHS community and care about our students and their families.
      • Behind the Wheel at LVHS is affordable. In fact, we are THE MOST affordable option available, and by far the best value program you will find.
      What do I need before I sign up for Behind the Wheel?
      • Valid Virginia learner’s permit
      • Students and parent(s) must complete the 45 hour log before student is eligible to receive their Temporary Driver’s License (Completion of a minimum of 25-30 hours is strongly encouraged before enrolling in Behind the Wheel)
      • Students and parent(s) must attend a “Parents for Safe Teen Driving” presentation.
      What to expect from the LVHS Behind the Wheel program:
      • A 7-day program designed to hone and assess the skills of student drivers.
      • Students MUST be paired with another student driver for all seven sessions. Students wishing to be paired with a friend should let Ms. Motter know when registering.
      • During each session, the student will spend half the time driving, and the other half observing another student driver. Students will receive instruction while driving and while observing.
      • Students will drive in various environments. Each session will be progressively more challenging than the last.
      • The seventh and final session will consist of the Road Skills Evaluation. If the student passes the evaluation, they will be eligible to receive their Temporary Driver’s License.
      What do I need if I am driving with a Private Company?
      • Students wishing to take Behind the Wheel through a private company will need a DEC-8 pink card.  You must request your DEC-8 card from the main office.