• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is LCPS requiring Equity training for all administrators, licensed employees, and classified staff?

    The LCPS Systemic Equity Assessment completed in 2019 recommended that LCPS, “design additional opportunities for LCPS educators to engage in professional learning about color consciousness and implicit bias.  Further establish a culturally-responsive framework to inform curricular and instructional efforts across the division.”  

    LCPS is committed to providing Equity training to all staff.  Equity in the Center training promotes several desired outcomes of the LCPS Equity Plan.  Equity in the Center training focuses on the creation of a culturally responsive school division that designs an emotionally-safe, identify-affirming learning space for every child and adult. The goal of the training is to increase the cultural and racial literacy of our staff members and to illustrate the connection between resources available within the division and how they can lead to more equitable outcomes for all students.  

    What is Equity training?

    Equity training provides teachers and administrators guidance and training to provide our students a Welcoming, Inclusive and Affirming Environment, Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment, and Engagement and Challenge Through Deeper Learning.  These are the components of the LCPS Culturally Responsive Framework, a guiding document for the work we do. Training helps staff understand and implement equity in the school setting, culturally responsive instruction, and provides staff with resources and information to increase their  racial and cultural literacy.  The focus is student centered with the goal that LCPS staff understand how to use their role to positively impact equity and inclusion for all LCPS students. 

    Information related to countywide training for equity was shared with the LCPS board on September 22nd - Slide Deck

    How does LCPS use resources from Teaching Tolerance?

    The Social Science and Global Studies Department recommends Teaching Tolerance as one of a number of optional resources teachers can access to support the teaching of culturally responsive lessons.  The department also used language from their Social Justice Standards in developing standards for elementary Social Science.

    Do students receive Equity Training? Are there "equity lessons?"

    Students do not receive equity training. LCPS has not adopted a uniform curriculum or lessons specifically geared toward students and their understanding of equity issues. Schools have opportunities to develop activities that promote equitable and culturally responsive instructional environments. 

Last Modified on March 8, 2021