• Central Loudoun Area Secondary School Attendance Zones


    March 10, 2021 Update:   At the March 9, 2021 School Board meeting, the Board discussed the Secondary School Attendance Zone Change Process for the Central Loudoun Area information item and by general consensus decided to NOT move forward with an attendance zone review for the Leesburg area this spring.  

    March 2, 2021 Message:  We have received many inquiries related to potential attendance zone changes for central Loudoun (Leesburg area) secondary schools, including requests for maps of plans under review and identification of the areas and neighborhoods that will be affected by the boundary changes.

    Please know that no action has been taken by the School Board to officially initiate an attendance zone change process for central Loudoun middle schools and high schools.  It is anticipated that the School Board will begin discussions on a potential boundary change process in early March.

    We are aware that there is a considerable amount of discussion among community members and requests for information - including inquiries for what has been described as "The Plan" identifying the attendance zone changes.

    As noted, there is currently no attendance zone plan recommended to or being considered by the School Board.  Staff recently received a request for information from individual School Board members related to central Loudoun area secondary school enrollments.  Staff provided the requested information on February 22, 2021, which included two potential scenarios that may or may not be considered in the future; however, neither of the potential scenarios has been publicly discussed nor officially considered by the School Board.

    Should the School Board decide to initiate an attendance zone change process for any of the central Loudoun middle and high schools (Harper Park Middle School, J. Lupton Simpson Middle School, Smart's Mill Middle School, Heritage High School, Loudoun County High School, and/or Tuscarora High School), staff will develop a draft plan(s) for consideration and review.  The School Board will review the staff plan(s), along with other offered plans, in a series of public meetings.  With an initiation of any attendance zone change process, a full schedule of attendance zone meetings would be published that would include opportunities for public comment to the School Board.

    Additional information, as staff receives direction from the School Board, will be posted on this dedicated webpage as well as communicated through middle schools and/or high schools.

    February 22, 2021 Requested Information to Individual School Board Members

    March 9, 2021 School Board Information Item - Secondary School Attendance Zone Change Process for Central Loudoun Area

        March 9, 2021 School Board Meeting Video - Information Item Discussion (begin viewing at 5:38:25 into the meeting) 

    School Board Policy & Regulation 6530, Changing School Attendance Zones

    School Board Policy 8160, Exceptions to School Assignment Due to Attendance Zone Change

    School Board Policy & Regulation 8155, School Assignment

    School Board Policy 5080, Class Sizes

    School Board Policy 6210, Student Transportation

    School Board Policy 2520, Participation by the Public 


Last Modified on March 10, 2021