• U-Nite is a multi-culture event which display's Tuscarora's diversed community.  We encourge the students and teachers to embrace their family culturrs and share with the community through: talent, modeling, art and cultured foods.

    20201 event will be vitual and aduditions start:

    Date: Feb. 3rd

    Send video to: tammy.carter@lcps.org

    Must be in MP4 format

    All Video's must be landscape (horizontal)

    Performances should be no longer than 3 mins.

    Looking for:  Models, dancers, singers, musicians, art and food displays.  

             Models- can be a photo of you in your culture attire and the name of the country you represent or a 30 sec. modeling in your cultured attire with the name of your country you represent.

           Food display- picture of a complete curlture meal 30 sec. or a  2 min. video of you explaining what type of culture meal you have. ( you are more than welcome to include a recipe)

     Deadline is March 1st.