•  Codemoji.com

    Chiming at position two is the bespoke codemoji.com. This intuitive and easy-to-use website bolster a unique code learning approach that takes the hassle of pesky syntax and memorization out of acquiring basic coding skills. The younger kids will appreciate familiar emojis that act and represent functional programming tags like CSS and HTML code. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, codemoji system is designed to be adaptive so that kids can learn at their own pace. It’s for this particular reason that codemoji is one of the best free coding websites for kids.


    A non-profit foundation, code.org is a free coding website that’s an excellent place for kids to get started in coding. It features a plethora of practical web resources, tools, apps, and even a list of local facilities that offer programming for kids. Don’t forget to check out the inspirational and featured videos to get you started on your day. With all the sizzling features and the fact that it offers free services, code.org isn’t too shabby.


    Sometimes making learning feel a little bit like a game is okay but not make it too much like a game. That’s why CodeAcademy offers a learning approach that’s dead right on the spot. This interactive site is not only easy to use but also teaches children basic coding skills through simple and fun exercises that feel like puzzle games.


    Scratch is one of the oldest free coding sites for children ages 8 to 16. Developed and maintained by the geniuses at MIT, Scratch is an intuitive and extremely easy to use programming language that’s visual in nature. This resource allows kids to program and build virtually anything using blocks that are much akin to digital Legos.


    Code Combat is a free coding website aimed at older kids. It encompasses the use of an interactive gameplay mode to simulate code learning.