Loudoun County Public Schools participates in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) as its primary pension plan. Full-time employees eligible for benefits are enrolled in a VRS plan based upon their hire date.  

    Mandatory Contribution

    Under the Code of Virginia, the VRS Retirement Plan and Group Term Life Insurance benefits are mandatory for regular full-time employees. All full-time LCPS employees are required to pay a 5 % member contribution to VRS; Loudoun County Public Schools contributes the employer share for the VRS Retirement Plan and the full cost of the Basic Group Term Life Insurance.

    The VRS Plans

    There are currently 3 VRS plans that LCPS members may be enrolled in.  Your full-time hire date with LCPS (or other VRS participating employer) is the primary indicator of which plan you are in.  Click a plan below to find more information or find answers to frequenty asked questions on the VRS FAQ page 

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  • VRS Plan 1

    Members hired full-time before 7/1/10 who have not taken a refund and were vested as of 1/1/13.

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  • VRS Plan 2

    Members hired full-time between 7/1/10-12/31/13 or who were hired before but not vested as of 1/1/13.

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Last Modified on March 24, 2023